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good friday

Santa Susanna, Via Venti Settembre, Roma Santa Susanna is the ‘National Church in Rome of the United States of America’. It’s a Baroque looking building on a busy street. The Euro and I dropped in to have a quick look a few months ago when we were in Rome.

what i saw. the tudor rose.

Blandford Street, London While The Euro was doing Embassy Things I walked around in circles and tried not to be hungry or anxious or to spend too much money. On my way to see the Wallace Collection I somehow ended up on Blandford Street. I like the colour blue on this pub. The Tudor Rose.

mallorie and me

It’s funny how you meet your other. I don’t mean the one you have babies with. The one you vow to love and adore and never leave. I mean your other other. The person that’s so much like you they could be you if you weren’t around to do it yourself. I met Mallorie when

one sick puppy

I use to take some degree of pride in never having set foot in the Smokey Mountains. I preferred Paris to Pigeon Forge and Nuremberg to that Gatlin place. I was awful like that. Anyway, a few weeks ago I had to pay a visit to the University of Tennessee’s School of Veterinary Medicine after

random roma: trajan

Collapsing beneath Trajan’s Column after walking too far afield in four inch heels. Marcus Ulpius Nerva Traianus, or ‘Trajan’, was the second of the Five Good Emperors of the Roman Empire. The Empire reached its greatest territorial extent under his rule. The Column was raised by Apollodorus of Damascus at the order of the Senate


Hair unwashed. Eyes unlined. I never wear makeup when I fly…or gain any kind of altitude. We stopped at a rest area so He could get a look at the mountains. Up close and personal. Ish. With a D200 and a pocket Sony. (I always like the pocket Sony pics best.) We had been to

what i saw. nonsuch toffee.

Candy Store. York. Today we’re in York. The Minster is amazing and The Shambles…there really are no words for The Shambles. But I’ll try to find some for them later. I really wanted to go inside this candy store and play. There’s something about NonSuch Toffee that reminds me of Harry Potter. There’s something about