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crab grass. oh that’s horrible.

I just googled ‘sister quotes’ and was bombarded with purple prose. Sunshine and solace all over the place. Save it for the love letters because, lets be honest, sisterhood isn’t so much a Hallmark card as a Lifetime movie. And I mean that in the very best ‘Help Farrah Fawcett Cage Her Evil Ex Up

bacon and the saving of it

There’s no getting around the insanity that has been my week. I still haven’t got that organizational thing down. It’s a work in progress. If it were up to me, I’d hire my chica to do it for me. She’s saved my bacon more than once, always with a smile, and she’s doing it again

on boundaries

The Euro’s dad was talking about boundaries the other day. How Cumbria isn’t really Cumbria, but something all together new and not right-sounding. How some of Cheshire used to be some of Lancashire and how politicians like to redraw the map as it suits them. “You don’t really do that in America, do you?” I


I don’t know about you, but if I had a daughter with an auto immune disorder that attacked her skin cells and prevented them from making pigment, I wouldn’t look at her and say “Wow. You’re really pale.” This is what my mother said to me last week. I felt like Ricky Gervais in the

why i write. orwell.

In 1946 George Orwell outlined his four great motives for writing in the essay “Why I Write”. He believed these motives exist, in different degrees, in every writer. I’d be lying if I said he wasn’t right. For me, it’s mostly about Aesthetic Enthusiasm. It’s also about a kind of peace that comes over me

sisters and such

I get to see my sister soon; and I’m pretty darn stoked about it. Her husband’s leaving the country on business for a day or so and I’m going in to laugh at her toes. She has these tiny little toes that look like they’ve walked through a hornet’s nest. Those are my brother’s words,

fleet street

I’m a romantic when it comes to Fleet Street. No reason, really. Except I feel as if I should be. But I’m like that with most of London. The parts the fire didn’t get. The parts the Germans did. I’ve spent too much time hanging around the Temple. Inner. Middle. All those Barristers make me

so, i keep humming eye of the tiger…

Mal is long and lean and (Good grief, I sound like a George Jones song…) and makes everything look effortless. Marie is like a little Tasmanian devil. She moves faster than any non-Olympian has a right to move and she laughs the whole time she does it. Me, I just make weird faces and hurt

bullets and dynamite and dead men in davy

We were in Iaeger at The Hollywood Dairy Bar. A diner-type joint on the shoulder of Route 52 in McDowell County, West Virginia. Pa was talking about hot dogs and how ‘you can’t beat ’em at this price’ when a red pickup drove by. “Me and him,” Pa pointed at the passing truck, “We was

stillness and such

I’ve been trying to get my head organised this week. Last night, when I slept, I could hear it beating against my pillow. I’ve spent ten hours editing photos today. My bum hurts from sitting so much. I ate an ice cream sandwich, and two eggs. I haven’t been to the gym since Monday. I

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