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john rylands deansgate

I’ve spent hours upon hours in the reading rooms here. I get all full of nostalgia whenever I think about it. The John Rylands Library, on Deansgate, is insanely awesome. If it doesn’t put you in a literary state of mind or make you think of all-things-gothic, nothing will. John Rylands Library, Deansgate

walk the plank

Everything you could ever want in the world is just outside your comfort zone. The first flat I ever had was a teeny little place where each room doubled for the next. A two hundred year old, not-exactly-kept, terraced house converted into upstairs/downstairs apartments. I lived on the top floor and caught the draft from

manchester’s magic bus

I was on Facebook last night looking at a group called “I survived the 192” – or something. A meeting point for 4000 strong; set up for anyone who ever took the 192 from Manchester Piccadilly to….well, to where ever it is the 192 ends up. (Hazel Grove?) The 192 is a Magic Bus. A

manchester literature festival

WHO: Andrew Motion, Paul Abbott, Roddy Doyle, Carol Ann Duffy, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Jackie Kay, Galway Kinnell, Rose Tremain, Gerard Woodward. Comma, Route, Templar, Suitcase, Transmission and Matter… WHAT: The Second Annual Manchester Literature Festival WHEN: 4 October – 17 October WHERE: John Rylands, Cornerhouse, The Whitworth Art Gallery, Central Library, Library Theatre, Manchester Museum,

overheard at the weekend

1. Neck it. No. Not nekkid. Neck it! 2. Panna cotta. Whoever came up with such a dreadful thing? 3. It’s not climbing into a medieval tower that’s the hard part. It’s getting down. 4. West Virginia. North Carolina. It’s all the same. Mountains and banjos right? 5. So my mom says ‘There’s no need