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bunny and poodle

When we were young we used to write letters to one another from aboard Venetian gondolas and beneath Cambodian crypts. Flamboyant and fabulous. All the places we will be from. On Thursday, this arrived in the post. Hang in there, yeah?

pound for pound. from flynn.

Buffy, You know what I find exhilarating? Reading something like this: The light of our cigarettes Went and came in the gloom. Flynn: Photo Courtesy of Three Kinds of Yes It is a simile with “like” suppressed: Pound called it an equation, meaning not a redundancy, A equals A, but a generalization of unexpected exactness.


After watching Jane Austen’s finest (version 2005) and developing not a little crush on Matthew Macfadyen… I’ve spent hours-into-days staring slack jawed at the Painted Hall. Wanting to touch, but not touch, the Veiled Vestal. Wishing the huge yew maze was large enough to get lost in. (It really isn’t.) It’s this thing you do