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christmas crush

Yesterday Mallorie and I spent 8 hours Christmas shopping. Because I always wait until the last minute and she needed to tie up a few loose ends. We also spent three hours reading theology books in Borders, trying out every lip gloss known to Nars in Sephora and lunching down on pecan encrusted trout and

fly’s in the buttermilk

Chris and I after a few rounds of “Skip to My Lou”. Complete with the singing and the snorting (which invariably accompanies any thing we sing) and the skipping past people who clearly think we’re just a little bit ‘SPECIAL’. But never mind. The way I see it, if you can’t sing cow’s in the

portobello road oxfam and designers guild

Platinum and diamond Edwardian pin picked up on Portobello Road. Vintage Gucci wallet, 99p at Help the Aged in Cheshire – the elderly lady at the till imagined ‘pounds’ to be a misprint and sold it to me for the pence version. I let her. Because I’m bad. Bless. Complete works of “Artemus Ward”. London.

halloween and heads and men in white coats

It’s been a while since I’ve had a hallucination (I hate that word, but it simplifies things). Since I’ve had to explain “No, I’m not on drugs. Never have been.” Since I’ve had some people believe me and some people refuse to. Since I’ve sat and wondered: should I even be telling you this. Should

white cliffs of dover

The day before I left home Blue took me out to lunch – his favorite mom-and-pop on a wind-about road in the hills of McDowell County. He told me to stay warm. To always remember him. And to go see the White Cliffs of Dover – the most beautiful place in the world, even when

under pressure

Writing Prompt: What would the title of your memoir be? Write the opening … I play theme songs when I work. Not on my iPod or anything like that. In my head. I drift off into an alternate universe where Eye of the Tiger and Freddie Mercury sit on repeat. Under Pressure – the song

famous last words

I met this fellow the other week in a Chester graveyard. I was waiting on evening song at the cathedral and watching a bunch of teenage tourists when I wandered in and almost stepped on him. I’ve walked over a lot of Victorians in the past nine years but there’s just something about this one

approaching the matterhorn

Here’s to Boeing getting their bums in gear and giving us in flight wifi. Until then, I’ll have to settle for setting posts to delay until arrival. Snapped this photo sans Jesus cloud (isn’t there always a Jesus cloud in this sort of thing?) over the Alps while managing to spill a single shot of

what i saw. chester city wall.

Chester High Street Today we went shopping in Chester. And by ‘shopping’ I mean ‘bought some soap and ate a lot’. It’s always so warm and humid in June and I’m not as fond of the city during the summer as I am during the winter. But there’s something to be said for dining in