approaching the matterhorn

Here’s to Boeing getting their bums in gear and giving us in flight wifi. Until then, I’ll have to settle for setting posts to delay until arrival.

Snapped this photo sans Jesus cloud (isn’t there always a Jesus cloud in this sort of thing?) over the Alps while managing to spill a single shot of red all over my travel buddy’s lap. It’s like simultaneously patting your head and rubbing your stomach. Only much more fun.


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  • kenju
    Jun 26, 2007 at 19:47

    That’s a great photo! I saw similar scenes when we were there in Oct.

  • Pattie
    Jun 26, 2007 at 20:10

    I love this photo — gorgeous! Makes me want to go on a vacation somewhere. Anywhere, at this point.

  • Steve Malley
    Jun 26, 2007 at 21:41

    In-flight wifi?! Lord, I’m behind the times.

    Course, I’m typing this on a Remington manual typewriter hooked up to a rotary-dial telephone…

  • Adrienne
    Jun 27, 2007 at 23:25

    What a fabulous picture! I love it!

  • Brittany
    Jun 28, 2007 at 16:37

    Wonderful picture! Also, your email somehow disappeared and reappeared in my inbox on Google. Strange. Joyce Carol Oates was in town for the Printer’s Row Book Fair and I saw her as I reserved tickets two weeks in advance but I didn’t meet her. It was more of a discussion rather than meet and greet.

  • Ellen
    Jun 29, 2007 at 4:12

    Gorgeous photo!

  • Flora
    Jul 4, 2007 at 22:51

    That photo is fabulous!! Here, here on the wi-fi in flight.

  • steph
    Jul 7, 2007 at 16:44

    good job buffers….my hubby wouldnt take any pics on the plane! 🙁