christmas crush

Yesterday Mallorie and I spent 8 hours Christmas shopping. Because I always wait until the last minute and she needed to tie up a few loose ends. We also spent three hours reading theology books in Borders, trying out every lip gloss known to Nars in Sephora and lunching down on pecan encrusted trout and cilantro chicken at an Aspen-ish eatery.

I did it all over today. Sans trout, lip gloss and Borders.

Me & Mal.  But Not Now.

Me & Mal. But Not Now.

Pa has joined his family for the holiday. After the initial meet & greet (you do this too, right?) he said, in no uncertain whisper, he’d give me a thousand dollar tip if I’d do his Christmas shopping this year. He hadn’t managed to yet and even though he didn’t say it, I know he’d just as soon do right near anything other than stand in the Christmas crush buying presents for over 60 children and grand children.

I didn’t take the cash, because I’m pretty sure I owe him a Masters degree or something….I did buy the gifts. It’s nice to do something for him for a change. Steph did the wrapping – a mean feat. And Pa, of course, picked up the bill.

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