freudian twits (but not the roald dahl kind)

I know what you’re thinking: we coordinated our outfits. But before you run away with yourself, no. We’re just psychiatric like that. Would you believe a psychologist once told our mother we had a combined IQ of 298? (Yeah, she didn’t either.) This is what happens when you trade on a total impracticality for twenty-odd

farewell, artemidorus

(above) Assyrian sculpture and Balawat Gates (11th – 8th centuries BC) Whenever we visit the British Museum The Euro spends most of his time in Room 4, which is where all the Egyptian sculpture is, mostly just staring at the Rosetta Stone. My favourite is the Ancient Assyrian (modern northern Iraq) exhibits. Large stone sculptures


“I wish there were a political affiliation called Common Sense, because that’s what I would be. I would run on the ticket. I couldn’t be president because I don’t have perfect teeth. But it’s the Cabinet that matters and you and I could be in the Cabinet.” – Flynn

stephen king & kindle

“I didn’t do ‘Ur’ for money. I did it because it was interesting. I’m fairly prolific. It took three days, and I’ve made about $80,000. You can’t get that for short fiction from Playboy or anybody else. It’s ridiculous.” – Stephen King In 2009 Stephen King released “Ur” – an exclusive novella he published on


From Top: Westminster, Tower of London, British Museum, Saint Pauls Cathedral, Equestrian Statue, City of London School, London Eye, Tower Bridge. If anyone can tell me the who what and where of the equestrian statue, please do. For some reason I’m thinking its outside the Houses of Parliament hanging out with William and Richard. Or

rosie hardy. hands all over.

(c) Rosie Hardy Have I mentioned how proud I am of Rosie? The fantastic British artist – who I’ve been nearly-neighbours with on both sides of the pond – is responsible for the cover art of Maroon 5’s new album: Hands All Over. Famous for her self portraits, this might turn out to be her

sometimes a hat is just a hat

Week before last I went to Wesleyan and read ‘A Good Man Is Hard to Find.’ After, I went to one of the classes where I was asked questions. There were a couple of young teachers there and one of them, an earnest type, started asking the questions. ‘Miss O’Connor,” he said, ‘why was the

the long weekend

I starting running again last week. Planned to keep it up over the long weekend. My daily ritual, to ward off stress and keep my body strong. I’ve given up on the idea of weight loss. The idea that ‘it’ll all be better if I can just shave off this last stone’. Life comes and


We forget all too soon the things we thought we could never forget. We forget the loves and the betrayals alike, forget what we whispered and what we screamed, forgot who we were. —Joan Didion

mal du pays

A field in Cheshire. Next to our old Sunday Pub. I always want to sing “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” whenever I pass it. You wouldn’t know from all the fleurs – but it was bitchin cold that day. This, the explanation for why my face looks like a rubber mask. I hardly recognise myself.

stop crying your heart out

The very worst days of my life were also the very best. Being miserable and exhilarated at the same time. Standing on the of corner of Princess Street, looking up at a sky that tried to be light but couldn’t and thinking “This is you, all by yourself…and every bit of it is wonderful.” Oasis

contemplating wordsworth

And I have felt a presence that disturbs me with the joy of elevated thoughts; a sense sublime of something far more deeply interfused, Whose dwelling is the light of setting suns, And the round ocean and the living air, And the blue sky, and in the mind of man; A motion and a spirit,

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