stephen king & kindle

“I didn’t do ‘Ur’ for money. I did it because it was interesting. I’m fairly prolific. It took three days, and I’ve made about $80,000. You can’t get that for short fiction from Playboy or anybody else. It’s ridiculous.” – Stephen King

In 2009 Stephen King released “Ur” – an exclusive novella he published on the launch of the Kindle 2. In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal King revealed how much he earned on the story.

I’ve never touched a Kindle. I do have an iPad – I subscribe to Press Display and read most of my European newspapers on it. I’ve also read the odd short story this way, but no novels yet. And I’m not sure I ever will. Still, the kind of figures King talks about reveal an audience hungry for digital reading.

In a separate interview King made an interesting point when he noted the difference between downloading books and downloading music. With music, you’re free to download singles. Just the songs you like. You don’t have to buy the whole album. With novels it’s all or nothing. You don’t purchase it piecemeal.

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