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“You know those 80 year old bird women who rattle around on their porch and throw things? Well, if you’re not careful. That’s gonna be you.” She doesn’t say a word, so I know she’s listening. “I’m serious. You’re headed down a slippery slope, lady. Full of cat hair, senility and tinned fruit.” She’s staring

confucius say

“Buffy, you should blog about how you live your life in mild, hysterical panic and how you’d be much happier and more relaxed if you just learned to chill.”

the coming of darkness

Summer faded into fall and the leaves began to drop. To rot by the road and on the mountain side. Old Man Bishop killed a hog. Invited the whole town out for pulled pork and revival. The place needed a soul cleaning and a man from Alabama was coming to do just that. In a

planes trains and almost automobiles

Today, I almost died. Here’s how. It’s been eight years since I traded in the Thunderbird for trains, tubes and taxis. Since I gave up private transport for the public kind. I know I sometimes moan about queues and time tables but the truth of it is, I enjoy being able to hail cabs from

old york

This morning I went back to the village for a little photo rejuvenation facial. Walked by the apartment and felt sad. Someone had pulled the curtains and opened the windows to my used-to-be bedroom. I should really be unpacking and rearranging – so when I come home I’ll have something a little more orderly than

not so super model pt.5

Pt.4 When he arrived home from Amsterdam-by-way-of-Paris he was in for a shock. So was I…. It was the day after my birthday and two whole months since we last saw one another. Since I last said ‘I love you’ and he last laughed ‘You’re only human’. I never felt comfortable in cleavage, but I

i blame gary fong

I’ve moved. But I’ve no time to settle. In two days time I go galloping across the globe to follow his passion – photography. He calls it an adventure. Like backpacking through Europe. Only we’ll be SUVing through America. Split lives. Here and there. The excitement and the stress of it all. He’s as enthusiastic

not so super model pt.4

Pt.3: Then he used the word sister (SISTER!) and said he was going to see Van Strudel. We’d talk when he got back. I went straight to Eliza. All she said was “Oh B” and “Let’s make for the Hogs Head.” My inebriated friend was the queen of optimism-verging-on-delusion. “He’s dying to sweep you away,”

what i saw. nonsuch toffee.

Candy Store. York. Today we’re in York. The Minster is amazing and The Shambles…there really are no words for The Shambles. But I’ll try to find some for them later. I really wanted to go inside this candy store and play. There’s something about NonSuch Toffee that reminds me of Harry Potter. There’s something about


I’m eating crumpets. With big dollops of butter that’ll stick to my thighs. Then it’s a martini and more because I never have before, and because an old alumni I didn’t know I knew seems to think they’re good in a crisis. That’s what I’m having. Here’s why. * I’m packing – for a year.

not so super model pt.3

Pt 2: I stopped eating and drinking and breathing, because what I heard was this: “I love you. I just don’t know it yet.” So naturally, I went and made a fool of myself. That Wednesday was dinner and a movie. I called in Indian. Korma, rice pilaf, nan bread with those little sweet bits.