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pocketful of possibility

Last month I felt old and depressed. Like a dent in a rusted-out Ford. It could have been the rain – carrying an umbrella puts me in a bad mood. All that delay – what didn’t I put off in June? Could have been. But wasn’t. It was me. Just me. Full of excuses, wasted

meet dewey

Dewey was peculiar. He was short. Not at all thin. A no-heller of the Baptist variety who wore a small face on a big head. Fond of drinking songs and scripture, he carried a poke of tobacco in his left pocket, and an Oldtimer in his right – just in case he needed to stab

mancunian summer

I don’t think the sun is ever going to shine. Last week it was cold but not rainy and we all went down to the piano bar by Bridgewater and had lunch outdoors. One makes due.

victimology (i)

I was 19 when it happened. My mother and sister were held hostage by a junkie with a bad haircut. That was the worst of it. But it wasn’t the first of it. It was all very Cape Fear. A family affair that lasted several years. Between Rich – That’s what I’ll call him –

silver dollars

“I don’t recollect a lot of birthdays. Didn’t really celebrate ’em when I was a boy.” Pa turned 70 today. “I’d get a year older and not even know it ’til a month later when one of my uncles’d come around.” I heard my grandmother in the background. Reminding him of the birthday he does

a place called cornelius

The summer was shorts and sandals. Trying to fish an alligator out of Lake Norman – Jo swore she saw it on the boat slip. Billy swore he’d catch it. A Cape Cod with a white picket fence. A lawn, mowed before we rolled out of bed. Speed boats. Jet skis and clear blue. That


She forgets. It use to be little things. The name of her neighbour’s husband. The iron in the wash room. Then it was the kitchen. She left the fry pan on and caught the wall afire. She told no one and thought about her grandfather. She was five when he forgot her name. Six, when

sometimes simon cowell

I’m watching ‘Three Sisters’. Morning syndication at its best. The middle blonde is reminiscing. Ooohing and aahhing about the day she fell in love. The absolute moment she just knew. She fell the second she lay eyes on him. He fell three months later, as he watched her eat a pepper off the floor. My

father’s day

Two years ago Pa decided to hike with us into the wood at the head of Grapevine – to see what was left of the school he went to in 1942. The mountain had swallowed it up years before I was born. None of us were sure he could find it. But he did. (More

viagra ain’t cheap

I use to peddle pharmaceuticals. I sold a boat load of haloperidol to a psychiatric hospital my first week on the job. The lady sounded fat and annoyed when I asked her if she needed to restock. Hoping to woo her I skipped the Freudian / Jungian trivia and went straight to the crazy cousin.