dickensian days

Last night I went to Trader Joe’s and brought home a dozen bags of asparagus. And a sausage substitute. I’m having a hard time finding proper British bangers. If anyone knows where I can find a nice Cumberland type, or anything that isn’t seasoned to death, do let me know.

Pork may not be the most flattering of foods, but I’ve gone mostly meatless for two months in anticipation of that yummy yule tradition that is sausages-wrapped-in-bacon and it’s just as well because my first Christmas present this year was a ham.

I joke about growing up in the coalfields in the 80s, how it was kind of like being a war baby, when the miners went on strike. But strike our not, every year around this time our dad would bring home the most massive ham. It obviously had more of an effect on me than I imagined because because here I am, twenty years later, ham in hand, getting all giddy with that same kind of Now You Know It’s Christmas feeling I got whenever our dad drug that particular piece of pork through the door.

Tomorrow, wassailing and bûche de noël.

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  • Andrea@Thin Thighs & Sweet Potato Fries
    Dec 11, 2010 at 6:39

    Hi Buffy! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am exactly the same way about ham. On a normal day, you’ll never get me to eat it, but there’s something about my mom’s ham during the holidays that totally makes me a ham-eater (just for the day!). Gotta love holiday traditions! 🙂

  • Buffy
    Jan 5, 2011 at 22:27

    Many thanks to the reader who sent me the startling info on the pork industry. Thank you.