forgiving dr. mengele

The documentary Forgiving Dr. Mengele (2005) follows Eva Mozes Kor, a Holocaust survivor, and her decision to forgive the Nazis who killed her family, in particular Dr. Josef Mengele who experimented on 1,400 pairs of twins including Eva and her twin sister, Miriam.

In 1944 Eva’s family were taken to Auschwitz where she and her sister were separated from the others – they never saw them again and believe they were murdered in the gas chambers. For nine months the girls were experimented on, injected with potentially lethal bacteria and given no treatment.

After World War II Eva immigrated, first to Romania, then to Israel and, finally, to Terre Haute, Indiana, where she created the C.A.N.D.L.E.S Museum (Children of Auschwitz Nazi Deadly Lab Experiment Survivors). The museum’s mission is to “eliminate hatred and prejudice from our world.”

Forgiving Dr. Mengele (2005)

Eva’s metamorphosis from embittered survivor to tireless advocate for reconciliation is sparked when she, in an attempt to get information about the experiments, meets with another former Auschwitz doctor. Her ideas about justice, revenge and the possibility of healing through forgiveness – as well as the passionate opposition from other survivors- become a window to a larger discussion of the many ways people define forgiveness.

“Who are you,” Eva asks, “to tell me how to heal myself?”

If you haven’t already, please watch the documentary about Eva – “Forgiving Dr. Mengele”. Email me and tell me what you think.

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