jet streams and things

This week has been about trying to get my head on straight. To organise. Clear clutter. Regain some kind of semblance of system. My brain’s been in overdrive this week. When I lay down last night, my head throbbed from the beat beat beat of it.

I watched this brilliant documentary on the jet stream. Because that’s what I do on Friday nights. Documentaries. It was all about how American B29 bombers ‘found’ it during WWII but only because no one had bothered to read the research by a Japanese scientist twenty years before and written in Esperanto – an artificial, universal language. Did you know the only people to die on Mainland America during WWII was a church group killed by a bomb sent up in a weather balloon from Japan and left to drift 6,000 until it landed in Oregon? Well, now you do.

I’m moving again. But I have no idea when. I’ll have a better notion in two weeks. Maybe.

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