on stillness. lack thereof. and elizabeth strout.

I’m exhausted. And my brain’s just not working right for me today. It wont sit still. I also keep tasting salt. I worry it’s some kind of aura, because that’s what it usually is. Every neurological episode I’ve ever had (my brain’s way faulty) has been proceeded by the inexplicable and lingering taste of salt or the smell of street-coffee. Weird but totally true. At the moment the only diagnostic tool at my disposal is to wash my mouth out with sugar and see if the savory still lingers. To this end I plan on eating tons of chocolate. Medicinal. See?

I also plan on watching whatever’s on television tonight. The Euro’s away interviewing a serial killer (don’t ask) and I don’t have the head for Chekhov or the eyeball dexterity for Dostoyevsky – I’m really into my Russians right now.

Elizabeth Strout talks Pulitzer

Last night I went to hear Elizabeth Stroud speak. Of course, she won the Pulitzer this year, and I’ll go on about that later. But I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the incredible calming presence she seems to carry around with her. I’m not sure how to describe it, but the tone of her person is very much like the tone of her writing. If you’ve read her work that may make sense. Just a very lovely and unaffected woman. The only time I’ve felt still this week. It was a delight to hear her speak.

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