colder than a (please personalise your expletive)

It took three tries before I finally convinced myself to get out of bed this morning. Since I had no one to coerce me up and at ’em, I lay there until 10:00am.

The Euro, in an effort to not catch everything I have, has been sleeping in the guest room this week. He says I’ve also started singing the ‘plague song’ again in my sleep. I totally blame Kenzie for this but, whatever.

St Thomas
My old flat was across the road, more or less, from St Thomas. The church and its Victorian graveyard sits up against the High Street and is an excellent place for, you know, patrolling. (It will make sense to Flynn. Maybe.)

Something happened to the heat. It’s well and truly below freezing outside and our heating system takes a time out. The fireplace is charming but it doesn’t really reach The Euro’s upstairs office. The two of us basically froze until 5:00pm tonight when the thing that keeps us warm went back to doing what it was suppose to do. Not sure what the glitch was but I am grateful that it is now 75F and boiling in my bedroom.

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