overheard at the weekend

1. Neck it. No. Not nekkid. Neck it!

2. Panna cotta. Whoever came up with such a dreadful thing?

3. It’s not climbing into a medieval tower that’s the hard part. It’s getting down.

4. West Virginia. North Carolina. It’s all the same. Mountains and banjos right?

5. So my mom says ‘There’s no need to call. If you die they’ll let me know.’

6. You’ll be constipated for a month. Last time I went, I took a bag of prunes. Didn’t help. At all.

7. Ever got drunk in a 600 year old hunting lodge before?

8. My sister’s at the Concert for Diana. She’s calling me when Take That come on!

9. Two minutes after I met her, she walks up to me and says ‘Get your coat. You’ve been pulled’.

10. Really, I have to be going. One doesn’t keep Lord Webber waiting.

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