poodank was scared … of just about everything

I walked those hills for years back in the forties….when I was a boy. Comin’ home from town in the early morning.

Up on the mountain, its dark. And its cold. Some nights I couldn’t see to put one foot in front of the other….had to feel my way up and over. Head of Grapevine was the worse. That wind beatin’ at you from the four corners. Coldest place in the world in the middle of winter….in the middle of night.

Top of that mountain’s covered in cemeteries. Somebody was always diggin’ a grave somewhere. Somebody else was always comin’ along and fallin’ in.

Me and Ezrie use to find us one and hunker down in it. To get warm. …. a hole in the ground’ll keep the wind off. Weren’t no shame in it. You’d freeze to death if you didn’t.

Had to know what you was doin’ though. How deep the hole was. You couldn’t see so you had to know. Else you’d get stuck. They dug ’em deep back then.

Ezrie spent two days in one once. Crawled in and couldn’t get out. Thought he was saved when he heard Poodank and Slim comin’ along.

It was black as black that night and Poodank was scared of just about everything. Them boys didnt know the grave was there. Didnt know Ezra was there either. They fell right in.

Couldn’t see a thing.

Ezra bout cried…and told ’em…….”You cant get out.”

But they did.

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