writing as acting: john august

Last fall I took a writing workshop with Daniel Wallace, a man who knows a thing or two about bringing books to the big screen. The film rights to Wallace’s novel, “Big Fish”, was purchased by Columbia Pictures. Steven Spielberg sat on the project for a while but it was Tim Burton who eventually directed

what i’m writing

When Effie saw Cosby Puckett out of the corner of her sight she saw a woman with a want. Not some innocent school girl who sat studying a bunch of books on her momma’s porch. Letting on, like she always did, that she was too shy to smile at a man and too innocent to

guess who watched ‘whip it’

Last month I put on a pair of roller skates for the first time in twenty years. It’s this whole Yes Man thing I’m trying. I loved it. I mean, I still think skating backward is nothing short of sorcery. But I’m really geared up for my next trip to the rink. And I desperately

keep calm

The original Keep Calm and Carry On was a motivational poster produced by the Ministry of Information in 1939 during the beginning of World War II and intended to stiffen resolve. The poster was intended as a “last case scenario” to be used only should the Nazis succeed in invading Great Britain. It was never

shakespeare’s daughters

Last month Rachel Cusk had a brilliant article in the Guardian on women’s writing. She made several good points that illustrate the conundrum many of us find ourselves in. Importantly, she asked whether women’s writing should seek equivalence or distinction from its male counterpart. She’s inclined to agree with Simone de Beauvoir and Virginia Woolf

treeless for christmas

Next week we’re going back to England. It feels more hypothetical than done-and-dusted and that’s probably to do with the busy we’ve been keeping. The Euro’s been filming for over a month, and I’ve been eating, sleeping and breathing 1 of 2 manuscripty projects since mid-October. Yesterday I walked home – it was freezing and

orson welles meets hg wells

Orson Welles meets HG Wells and someone was there to broadcast it. (Please note the misspelling in the video title is not mine.) HG is lovely. And asks Orson about the film he is making – Citizen Kane. Orson Welles: “It’s a new sort of motion picture with a new method of presentation.” HG Wells:

tartan and turkeys

I’ve just eaten a heinous amount of Christmas M&Ms and it’s totally S’s fault because she already has her tree up and Dumplin running around in Christmas tartan. She is heavenly. . We had Pilgrims for Thanksgiving (How very Eats Shoots and Leaves, no?)


For some reason, every time I look at photos of Flynn and me from our EPIC ADVENTURE WEEKEND, I break out in BABOOSHKA and arabesque around the living room. “Babooshka…Babooshku…Babooshku…” See. Told you. Happy Birthday Bunny. I love you. B. xx p.s. A squirrel took this photo. I am dead serious.