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pinkie brown

Listening to Joy Division and chatting about Sam Riley, the brilliant actor who played Ian Curtis in the 2007 movie “Control” and more recently, Pinkie Brown, in the film adaptation of Graham Greene’s novel Brighton Rock. (Also, Sal Paradise in Jack Kerouac’s On the Road.) If I’ve never gushed over Brighton Rock it’s only because

stephen king & kindle

“I didn’t do ‘Ur’ for money. I did it because it was interesting. I’m fairly prolific. It took three days, and I’ve made about $80,000. You can’t get that for short fiction from Playboy or anybody else. It’s ridiculous.” – Stephen King In 2009 Stephen King released “Ur” – an exclusive novella he published on

sometimes a hat is just a hat

Week before last I went to Wesleyan and read ‘A Good Man Is Hard to Find.’ After, I went to one of the classes where I was asked questions. There were a couple of young teachers there and one of them, an earnest type, started asking the questions. ‘Miss O’Connor,” he said, ‘why was the

the long weekend

I starting running again last week. Planned to keep it up over the long weekend. My daily ritual, to ward off stress and keep my body strong. I’ve given up on the idea of weight loss. The idea that ‘it’ll all be better if I can just shave off this last stone’. Life comes and

contemplating wordsworth

And I have felt a presence that disturbs me with the joy of elevated thoughts; a sense sublime of something far more deeply interfused, Whose dwelling is the light of setting suns, And the round ocean and the living air, And the blue sky, and in the mind of man; A motion and a spirit,

forbes: highest earning authors

According to Forbes, 1 in every 17 novels sold in the US is written by this man, making him the highest paid author in the world. James Patterson. Photo by Rankin James Patterson writes about eight books a year. He works with a team of collaborators on everything from children’s books to thrillers and makes

water for elephants

I avoided Twilight phenomena because, to be frank, I didn’t want anything to pollute my image of a shirtless, ageless David Boreanaz. Still, I’ve always had a thing for British Boys, and Robert Pattinson has a superbly fascinating face. So, on Sunday I stole into a screening of Eclipse. Today I read Water for Elephants

martin amis. literature and violence.

On Thursday, 1 July 2010, Martin Amis will be discussing literature and violence at The Martin Harris Centre with guests Blake Morrison and John Gray. They’ll be mulling over… The psychological and cultural roots of violent acts, and the ways in which writers from Shakespeare to JG Ballard depict and respond to it. Martin Amis

to dream

When I was about twelve I decided there was nothing to it but I had to learn Russian. (I often took on grand ideas during my summer holidays.) Chekhov, Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Gorky. If these wonderful writers could be transliterated so beautifully into English, imagine how wonderful they must be in their own language. I still

the anti-inflammation zone. what i’m reading.

Recently, I received this email. It went like this: The Anti-Inflammation Zone, Barry Sears B, Go to the library and get The Anti-Inflammation Zone. Now. I think this is the most important book I have ever read about health and wellness. I know I say every couple months that I’m going Full-Weil (and I think