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griswold and all

Spangles, bangles and sparkles. All kinds of gold. The desk-ridden jammed into their a-little-something-leather and alotta-something-gauche. Offices begin to spill into the streets at lunch time. To make merry and drink sherry (and whatever else the free bar has to offer) until the wee morning hours. I left my own a bit later. Sometime after

this week i’ll…

I’ll dream in columns and construction law this week. I’ll walk through European markets full of goulash and gingerbread men. I’ll spend five hours at Starbucks drinking green tea and envying sausage and bean sandwiches, and six hours at the gym. I’ll run for the train, get all sweaty and not stop to buy a

a short order cook named april

I use to spend my summers in the John Rylands Library writing (about something else) or networking with friends from Casablanca and Russia (get in good, spend a holiday abroad). Some days I’d go to the beach. Others I’d just end up at O’Neills with one of those designer drinks that taste like fermented Kool-Aid

wild pigs and standing room only

You’ll go under if you’re not careful. No one will care that you’ve fallen beneath the train, as long as they’re all sardined packed and on their way home. They’ll write about you in the papers the next day, and wonder how you got down there. They’ll call it suicide. A yobbing. Maybe just too

what i want for christmas by buffy m holt

My 4 year old niece phoned me the other day from America. Told me she spoke to Santa on the phone – a colourful cousin with a southern drawl. He was bringing her a Cinderella Magical Talking Vanity (If it tells you you’re gorgeous…i’ll take two please.) Santa hasn’t phoned me yet. But when he

stuck in lodi again

Reggie’s on day 86 of nothing special. He’s stuck in Lodi again. I’m on day 3 of the Michael Thurmond 6 Week Body Makeover. You know the Bicep Buddhist on Extreme Makeover who tries to get at what the lipo didn’t? Rumour on the fat boards is this miracle makeover knocks 30 pounds off in

drawing characters

Im drawing characters at the moment. Another little procrastination trick I’ve learned. I have several hundred to choose from. For years I’ve been in the habit of people watching. I carry my notebook everywhere. Sketch what I see. With words instead of lines. The man who wears the dirty Octoberfest tshirt to let everyone know

he’s a lady you see

It was Bluefield. What did queens do in Bluefield? Sit at home and wish they were some where else. Every night but Thursday. I was working at a grocery store in West Virginia when I saw my first drag queen. It was after midnight and she sloshed through the door in stripper heels and gold

she looks like a buffy to me

Someone asked me the other day if I was named after Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I’m serious. So was he. The thing about names is they sometimes suck. I hated being a Buffy. The absolute bane of my existence until I was 18 and realised I could never be anything ordinary. I never let on

my life’s soundtrack

The first song I learned was Jesus Loves Me. It came from my grandmother. The second was Sixteen Tons. I got that one from her husband. At three I didn’t know a lot, but I knew who loved you and I knew who owned your soul. If you were a coal miner it wasn’t Jesus.