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rare bird alert

Flynn and I have an ongoing fantasy involving Bill Murray and Steve Martin – circumstance throws the four of us together and we live happily ever after on an island in the south pacific, eating cheese and drinking wine and spearing the occasional sailfish. That sort of thing. On Tuesday I put on my traveling

that catherine girl. and the abbey.

Whenever anyone mentions Westminster Abbey around Steph she gets all crazy-eyed and shouts out LONGSHANKS! It has to do with her obsession with William Wallace and a kind of temporary Tourette’s. London is a pretty camera-friendly place, but there’s no photographs allowed inside the Abbey. Unless you’re Steph. She’s a bit of a ninja and

a sort of harem

A man’s library is a sort of harem. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson The Euro spent some one-on-one time with his folks back in the autumn and I’ve just gotten around to downloading the photos from his trip. One of the things I love about the man is this: the way he loves books. One of his

beverly lewis’ the shunning. hallmark.

One of the films The Euro worked on last year, The Shunning, is premiering on The Hallmark Channel on Saturday. Based on Beverly Lewis’ fantastic novel of the same name, from the Heritage of Lancaster County Series, The Shunning was directed by Michael Landon, Jr. and produced with Brian Bird. Starring Danielle Panabaker, Sherry Stringfield,

van lear, baby.

(Flynn in Repose) Buffy: Do you have weekends off? I want to visit soon. I need a muse. If I don’t get these revisions finished by my birthday, I’m cutting off my ear. Flynn: Yes! Every weekend off, and after the first week of May I’m free and easy, baby. PLEASE COME. Together we will

la vie en rose

The only thing worse than having your doctor tell you you’re shorter and fatter than you think you are is having him ask if your hair falling out. “Any clumps? Bald patches? Noticeable thinning?” Fantastic. Still, it’s an absolutely gorgeous day out and my boss brought in muffins from Trader Joes and java from my

submarine. comfortable shoes.

Macaroni and Cheese and Richard Ayoade. The only things in the world that consistently help me beat the blues. The Euro’s all very blasé about the former, but the latter he loves – especially since the trailers for Submarine, Ayoade’s directorial feature debut, started surfacing. It’s all very Jean-Luc Godard and, you know, it’s Moss,

disparate images. didion.

Mother on the Moors Sandburg’s Sink Brethren Baby We tell ourselves stories in order to live. The princess is caged in the consulate. The man with the candy; will lead the children into the sea. We look for the sermon in the suicide, for the social or moral lesson in the murder of five. We

galifianakis girls

I’ve decided to run a half marathon with my sister. The Euro says it’ll be a good long-distance bonding experience but all I can think, when I think of my sister and me doing anything athletic, is “BUDDY FILM” and how I’ll be like Zack Galifianakis and how she’ll be like Robert Downey, Jr. How

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