what i want

I want to see Petra.
I want to stand on the road to Damascus.
I want to yell into the Grand Canyon and off of the Great Wall of China.

I want to sit in that Milanese noodle hall. Stare at a Florentine’s image of a blue-eyed Christ.
I want to climb Machu Picchu and Table Mountain and fly by the Matterhorn.
I want to wear silly shirts and frilly dresses.
I want a Harley.

I want to hear the whir of the Large Hadron Collider. Feel it spin below me.
I want to touch a glacier, swim in a fjord, and run with the bulls.

I do.

I want to love as simply as I’m loved.
I want to be loved…as much as I love.

I want to do it all.
And I want to do it well.
In tiny little moments.

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