be brave, buffy

I have a bracelet that says “Breathe”. Just “Breathe”. I wear it a lot. Because sometimes I forget to do that. To breathe. In my kitchen there’s a plaque made of distressed 2x4s, cut to pieces. The words “be still” are written across it. Be still…and know. This little thing, it’s hard for me. And on my computer, I have this. “Be brave, Buffy. Be brave.” It gives me courage, when I think I have none.

I was hooked to the back of a boat, more than a little scared, and everyone knew it because I was completely SILENT. It was two years before I saw this video (which I’ve stripped out, because no one else needs to witness my fantastic foray into water sports), and heard four-year-old Kenzie telling me, with all she had in that little heart of hers, to “be brave!”

It reminds me that no matter who we are, or where we are, we always have someone rooting for us. Whether we know it, or not. And I like that. I like that, a lot.

AUDIO LINK: Be Brave Buffy

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