that catherine girl. and the abbey.

Whenever anyone mentions Westminster Abbey around Steph she gets all crazy-eyed and shouts out LONGSHANKS! It has to do with her obsession with William Wallace and a kind of temporary Tourette’s.

London is a pretty camera-friendly place, but there’s no photographs allowed inside the Abbey. Unless you’re Steph. She’s a bit of a ninja and can sneak a shot anywhere. I think she might be posting some of them on facebook tonight, in honor of Whats-His-Face and that Catherine girl and how they’re getting married there tomorrow.

The Euro and I have decided to get up at 5:30 in the morning for a slap up British breakfast. Since Katie Couric and those lot are a bit annoying, we’ll be watching the BBC stream the nuptials. The best part…we’ve even got in some lovely chocolate HobNobs in honour of the royal wedding cake.

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