sometimes a great notion

Today someone reminded me life is beautiful. Like Paul Newman, beautiful.

For most people it can be difficult not to get caught up in their own personal stories. I think this goes doubly true for writers. Those of us who write fiction spend our lives willfully creating drama and conflict, driving people to the edge and back. We carry it around with us. It’s what we do.

Writing can be enlightening and full of understanding but trying to live what you write, when you’re not actually writing, it can wear you out. I realized recently that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. Ruminating on a plot I made from scratch. Offhand, this seems like a creative technique. Method Writing. Live and breathe it, baby. But for me, trying to live it, takes away the structure that defines it. And I need that structure. Otherwise, the process carries me away.

This will make a lot of sense, or none whatsoever. Either way, Paul Newman.

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