hubble 3d

Enlarge: Pillar and Jets – Hubble Space Telescope

First, click to enlarge this image. Enlarge it again. Now, imagine it the size of your house.

If you get a chance to watch Hubble 3D at IMAX, do so. The Euro and I, planning strategically, showed up on Friday morning, at a ridiculously early hour, so that we could have the entire theatre all to ourselves.

It was one of the most moving and memorable cinematic experiences I’ve ever had. Seeing the Orion Nebula, in 3D and in motion, brought tears to my big doofy eyes. The star nurseries. The cataclysmic winds from these new creations. There are no words. There are, however, a few images.

Enlarge: Orion Nebula – Hubble Space Telescrope

Enlarge: 30 Doradus in the Large Megellanic Cloud – Hubble Space Telescope

For more images from the Hubble Space Telescope visit the Hubble Heritage site.

Get thee to an IMAX, my friends. Now.


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