the extraordinary rosie hardy

Rosie Hardy is a teeny little thing with a big laugh. She smiles a lot. She’s super sweet and witty and just one of the most darling people you’ll ever meet. She also takes phenomenal photographs.

Rosie is in love with her art. If you didn’t know it from her 365 you’d know it when, over lunch, she picks up a stick of sugar crystals and says “If I had to photograph this, you know what I’d do?” before describing, in fine detail, a scene like something from Alice in Wonderland. It’s extraordinary.

Above: Self Portrait (c)Rosie Hardy

Above: Tara Dobson (c)Rosie Hardy

Above: Self Portrait (c)Rosie Hardy

If you’re in Manchester or London this Summer, and you know how to carry a camera, you should go to one of her workshops. (They start on 2 May!) If you can’t make it, keep an eye out for her online tutorials. And if you just love pretty things, there’s always her prints. And her mad retouching skills.

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