steve martin. writer. banjo picker. from way back.

Yesterday I said something about the EU and someone actually asked, “What’s the EU?”


The woman was from California and that made me feel a little better. But not much.

There’s something seriously wrong with something, somewhere when you’re accused (and I was) of intellectual snobbery just because you can’t disguise the dumbfound when someone asks you a question like that. Shocking.

But not as shocking – okay, so maybe it is – as people not knowing that Steve Martin is a ridiculously talented writer and musician. I adore the man. I get ‘updates’ on a total of three authors. Steve Martin is one of them. I’m reading “Born Standing Up” in between headaches caused by 2666 and plan on putting Roxanne on repeat over the weekend. Because there’s no better cure for the things that ail us.

That is all.


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