Thanks to the Glandular Fever I’m convinced I’ve got…I’ve managed to spend a lot of time reading this week. Last night I finished up the following: “MOOSE”, by Stephanie Klein.

I’m a four year fan of Klein and Greek Tragedy. I read her first memoir “Straight Up and Dirty” the day I brought it home. I started her second at the gym (gym + mono = not the cleverest-est thing) on Monday and finished it tonight.

“Moose” is the story of Klein’s childhood struggle with obesity and her frequent trips to Fat Camp. You wont get a lecture and there’s no get to know yourselflove yourself message poignantly embedded. It’s just the author saying this happened to me and here’s what it was like.

Moose Stephanie Klein

Klein is an engaging writer with a voice perfectly suited for memoirs. She’s so honest, my eyes sweat. And she somehow manages to make all the to-ing and fro-ing between childhood memories and present day experiences seem seamless.

I didn’t connect with it in quite the same way as “Straight Up and Dirty”. This could be down to the lethargy I’m lugging around. But it’s probably more to do with this: Best intentions aside, I’m not a huge fan of thirtysomething memoirs.

That said, I do think “Moose” is a bit of a throwback to those fabulous 80’s movies. You know, something a member of the BratPack would star in. (Preferably Molly..) And it’s one of the reasons I’m so looking forward to following her foray into Television.

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