e.m. forster. middle manager.

“Like all notable English novelists, he was a tricky bugger. He made a faith of personal sincerity and a career of disingenuousness. He was an Edwardian among Modernists, and yet—in matters of pacifism, class, education, and race—a progressive among conservatives. Suburban and parochial, his vistas stretched far into the East. A passionate defender of “Love, the beloved republic,” he nevertheless persisted in keeping his own loves secret, long after the laws that had prohibited honesty were gone. Between the bold and the tame, the brave and the cowardly, the engaged and the complacent, Forster walked the middling line.”

Have been meaning to mention Zadie Smith’s article on the talks of E.M. Forster from earlier this month: The New York Review of Books. She’s never sounded so much like the man himself…even when she tried. If anyone knows where I can find the actual recordings. Email me at buffy holt at gmail dot com.

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