Moose. Stephanie Klein.

Long story short, I feed the starving writer that is me by designing albums. I wont have time for much else over the next few weeks but I do plan on reading Stephanie’s new memoir, “Moose”, from cover to cover when it’s released on the 27th. More therapeutic than my actual therapist. She’s an amazing woman and a fabulous writer.

It’s hard for me to give over to that kind of cheesy admiration but it’s true. Haters, step aside. Everyone else check out what Newsweek has to say about Stephanie and go preorder “Moose. A Memoir” by Stephanie Klein.

Moose Stephanie Klein

Starting at age 13 Stephanie Klein went to three different fat camps over five summers. In “Moose: A Memoir of Fat Camp” (William Morrow) she writes about how she lost 30 pounds over one of those summers (among other things). It’s hard to imagine that the sexy author of the memoir “Straight Up and Dirty”-the tale of her jump into single life after her first marriage ended in divorce-was ever overweight. But she was-emphasis on the past tense. Newsweek

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