through the looking glass

Sometimes I take photos. Some people like to snap the mountains and the lake and the sun setting behind a grove of really spooky trees. But I’ve never seen a landscape that made me want to run home and grab my camera. I’d rather sit and take it all in and look up at a sun that shouldn’t touch my face. And I’d rather photograph people.

Through the Looking Glass

A picture’s worth a thousand words but only if there’s a life behind it. At least that’s what I think. One of these days I’m gonna be brave the way I wanna be – and every time I see a stranger on the street with a story in his face I’m gonna ask if I can make an image of it.

Like the Indian goat farmer with the hand carved something on his back. Or the bald Briton staring up at the Acropolis. Or the old man from the coal town trying to eat a cheese burger.

I like people pictures. They intrigue me.


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