be cool my babies. or why conan o’brien is a stud.

If you’ve seen me on Myspace you may have noticed my “Hero/Person I’d Like to Meet” isn’t The Divine. It’s Beantown Boy Conan O’Brien. And FYI it’s not a coincidence that I just happen to be a member of Facebook’s Be Cool My Babies: A Conan O’Brien FanClub. (Yes, I’m a networking junkie…)

I’m not exactly sure what the Fan Club does. Or what they discuss when they discuss. But there’s just something about having that label slapped all over my profile that makes me feel like I’m part of a-big-special. Something knowing. Something wonderfully witty and all together awesome. It’s just one of those ‘Things About Me’ that everyone should know up front.

Why Conan O’Brien is a Stud: Reason #127 (Yes, I have a list. Yes The Harvard Lampoon and Saturday Night Live are numbers 1 and 2. And….Yes. This may trump “That incredible hair” for number 3.)

O’Brien helps staff during writers strike: ‘Late Night’ host pays salaries of 80 people.


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