twittering wisely

Is it twitter or flitter? Or flat as a fritter? I can’t remember. I have an account. I don’t use it. That’s what blogs are for. Right?

I’m devouring Flannery O’Connor right now. I bought a book of her short stories in a college town a few months back and carry it around with me everywhere – stop and take a bite whenever I get a chance. Commuting. Brunching. Treadmilling – back in February I couldn’t even think and run at the same time. Now I can read and have it make sense. I even use little pink flags to tab the best bits.

I vaguely remember working my way through one or two of the Georgian’s shorts in high school. But I didn’t appreciate her or her style back then. Being a victim of the whole “woods/tree/can’t see” phenomenon and all.

My writing prompt for today read: If you could interview any writer, living or dead, who would be and what would you ask them?

For me it would have to be Flannery. I wouldn’t waste time asking her questions though. I’d just sit and listen to her talk.

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