jaywalking, melon knees and gone with the wind

I feel like James Caan in Misery.

It’s cold. It’s winter. I’m crippled and drugged. A crazy person keeps popping their head around the corner with soup and crackers threatening to do me in if I don’t ‘hurry up and finish already’.

OK. I lied. The stranger’s in my mind. But the crippled and drugged part is true. My leg is elevated above my head and there’s nothing to do but read, write and sleep.

I jaywalked across a dual carriage way on New Years Eve and tore my knee apart for the effort. (Ok, I sorta fell down some steps too. But it was the crosswalk that did it.)

I’ve been hit by cars twice in the last five years (I’m not EVEN joking). Not my fault. At all. I blame it on rush hour madness and stupid drivers who think it’s OK to hit the gas (and any pedestrian in the way) at sight of a yellow light – even though people are still on the crosswalk and green’s a good two seconds behind.

Yep. Twice. And never got a scratch. Then last Saturday I stepped onto a sidewalk the wrong way and now my knee looks like a big fat melon. Did I mention it hurts. Bad.

The bite of it all is that I just got back from two weeks Christmas holiday. And now I have to take time off because I can’t find the disabled access at the train station and have to scoot up departmental steps on my rear (don’t ask). I called my boss this evening to let her know. Leave a message on Sunday night – empty office and all that. She answers the phone. Now that’s devotion brother.

So I wait to see what the good Doc says tomorrow morning when Uncle Bernard’s cane and I hobble into his surgery. I call my trainer and find out if the aerobics nut (her words, not mine) can do an hours worth of upper body and core only for the foreseeable future. I let the ladies in the office know I’ll be back as soon as I can walk up an incline. I take a double dose of ibuprofen for the knee. And use the time to finish this damn book.

Margaret Mitchell did it. Why can’t I?

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  • Deb
    Jan 12, 2006 at 23:09

    So how are you feeling? Sorry you went through such falls there. If I’m not mistaken, it sounds like you were taking a stroll in New York City.

    Feel better!

  • Administrator
    Jan 13, 2006 at 12:27

    So the last guy who hits me….he’s coming at me on the cross walk (not too fast but fast enough) and I point my umbrella at him….like thats somehow going to stop a car. I should have just hurried on across…but he was too close…and Im all about ‘fightin’ instead of ‘flightin’ when I should be just the opposite.

    Anyhooo…..He’s in this little blue sports car and hits me just at the kneeish. (Same one thats screwed up now by the way). My umbrella goes up his hood…nice long scratch. He has the NERVE to scream and cuss me. ME. He hits me with his car and then acts a fool because I scratched it. I ran off like an idiot because I thought he was going to attack me or something. (He was BIG and my leg hurt).

    That was a month before my knee messed up….hmmm….I wonder….